Friday, January 8, 2010

Letting Go

I've stopped fighting it. When I open the refridgerator to make myself a lunch and nothing looks good, I just close the door. When I make dinner for my family and don't want any for myself, I don't even try to come up with something. When most of the day has gone by and I realize I've only had 290 calories, I don't worry about it. My mind doesn't think "hmmm, maybe I should eat some more to live." No, instead I think, "good girl."

I'm going back to school this weekend and I cannot wait. You have no idea how simple it is to stay away from food, if one has the willpower. I just have to keep my head in the right place: on the single-track goal of thinness.

Down 2 pounds this week, may they never return.



  1. Hello there! Sounds like you're doing great! I haven't been commenting because... um... I have no good excuse... but you have a great way of putting your thoughts into words. (When I attempt to do that, it turns into the random, jumbled mess that is my blog.)

    Internet hugs from Della coming your way!

  2. Letting go is the hardest and best thing for you. I understand your situation way too much. I'm actually pretty sure letting go for me will be a hard thing for my situation, but I'm doing it. If you ever need someone, I'll be there for you. (:

  3. good for you! two pounds is awesome!! all the best:)

  4. i love when im in that place - genuinely not wanting food.

    thanks for reminding me it's possible to get there again!

    keep up the hard work.